Satisfying Women in Bed - It's Not Always About Sex



Satisfying women in bed isn't about stamina or penis size it's not entirely about sex; it's about your ability to put yourself second. Men in general have their own itinerary when it comes to love making, most men want to have an orgasm quickly followed by going to sleep.


How to satisfy a woman sexually is something which seems to be quite alien to us men, the whole concept of how to put her first seems to have been completely overlooked. If you want to have any kind of sexual relationship with a woman; you need to make her completely happy. If you think that women are happy with your


Many men slow at achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse (or men who can't experience orgasm during sex at all) look to medical doctors for delayed ejaculation treatments, to no effect. The fact is that, although this problem does often have a physical cause, such as diabetes or prostate problems, there are other times when the cause is purely psychological. Typically, we consider delayed orgasm for psychological reasons to be a woman's problem We forget that, although less frequent, this problem exists for men as well.